Trams Scripts for Apollo® Users


These scripts are written specifically for TRAMS travel agencies.
They are written using the Scriptwriter Plus™ software program.
You can use Trams Scripts for Apollo® Users with Focalpoint® 3.X, 
FocalpointNet™, and Galileo Desktop™ 1.01. 
Advanced programming using screen "reads" eliminates keystrokes and speeds entry.
Consistent looking invoices and NO interface hassles.
Includes support for the new Automated MCO service fee option. (TASF and CC Merchant too!)

Notice: Shelley Consulting, Bill Shelley, and "Trams Scripts for Apollo® Users" are not affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by Galileo International, Inc. "Trams Scripts for Apollo® Users"  is not endorsed or approved by Galileo International, Inc. for use in connection with the Apollo® system, the Focalpoint®,  FocalpointNet™ or Scriptwriter Plus™ software programs.

Bill Shelley is not an employee of Trams, Inc.  These scripts ARE, however recommended and endorsed by Trams, Inc. for users of their Trams Back Office system whom also use the above mentioned CRS.


Pricing: $575.00 for one office and $120 for each additional branch, plus a yearly renewal fee of $175 and $30.00 per branch after the first year for updates and support. There is no additional charge for FocalpointNet users, but support for these users is not included.
















For Support go here.

To print instructions and forms, the Acrobat format gives the best results.

To use these scripts, you must first install the Scriptwriter Plus ™ software program from Galileo® if you do not already have it. 

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Current Version 2.2.17 Dated 08/14/18



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Galileo® , Apollo® , Focalpoint® , Galileo Desktop™, FocalpointNet™ and Scripwriter Plus™ are all trademarks of Travelport

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Last updated March 22,2021